Infinity Pro® Hose Rinse


This product is coming soon but we can take pre-orders. The expected release date is October 1st, 2018!

Infinity Pro® is the most scientifically advanced multi-purpose protectant on the market today! Infinity Pro® has attributes which have never been used together before until now.

Infinity Pro® eliminates odor & smoke on contact and once on the surface creates a safe Hyper Green® barrier of protection. Inhibiting the growth of mold, mildew, and non-health bearing microorganisms. Infinity Pro® is water-based, non-toxic, non-corrosive, hypoallergenic and has a pH balance of 7.0. Infinity Pro® developed Hyper Green® technology. This means Infinity Pro® will not rub off or re-enter our environment once on the treated surface.

Infinity’s molecule prevents the biological footprint from returning to the treated surface, promoting residential and commercial hygiene.

Infinity Pro® is the longest lasting on the market today for protecting textiles to hard surfaces. Infinity’s barrier of protection works indoors and outdoors, in and around your home, office, automobile, boat or what’s important to you! For indoor use, we recommend our Infinity Pro 32oz. Use Infinity Pro Hose Wash on your roof, patio furniture, stone, garbage cans, sidewalks, even your siding. Use after you pressure clean for best results. Works for 90 Days.


This product is coming soon but we can take pre-orders. The expected release date is October 1st, 2018!

Infinity Pro® Rinse™ is the 1st outdoor multi-purpose protectant on the market today! Infinity Pro® Rinse is the most effective product you will ever use on surfaces such as concrete, fiberglass, metal, wood, ceramics, stone, and vinyl. Protect outside surfaces from odor, smoke, and staining from mold, mildew, and rust. Use Infinity Pro® Rinse to protect areas such as roofing, siding, wood decks, concrete patios, stucco, tiles, shakes, shingles, wallboards, wood composite patio ceilings, duckboards, countertops, floor coverings, patio furniture, awnings, shutters, outside air conditioning units and their coils, inhibits rust, and protects trash cans.

EFFECTIVE ON ODOR : Malodors, Stench, Reek, & Stink, Garlic, Sulfur, Alcohol, Sludge, Leachate, Organic Matter: Onion, Fish, Pet, Protein Spills, Garbage, Rotten Eggs, Sour Milk, Pet Urine, Pet Feces, Litter Boxes, Trash Cans, Mildew & Mold Odor, Ammonia, Putrid, Pungent, Musty, and Human Scent.

EFFECTIVE ON SMOKE: Odor, eliminates smoke particles from cigarettes, cigar, medicinal, chemical,  electrical, as well as, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, (PAH) which are the worst 100 carcinogenic organic compounds found in the combustion of organic matter. Exposure to PAHs has also been linked to with cardiovascular disease and poor fetal development in human development and health.

PROTECTS: Infinity Protect®  is used in and around trash cans, dumpsters, compactors container, trash chutes, raw garbage,  100% guaranteed.

PROTECTS: Infinity Protect® repels, ants, gnats, noseeums. spiders, termites, lizards, cockroaches, bees, wasps, squirrels, and rodents. Apply to the area of concern; works as a pest repellant and has a zero mortality rate. Safe for humans and pets.

FRAGRANCES AVAILABLE: Floral, Cherry, and Peppermint.

Directions: Spray surface, until wet, let dry.
Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use internally or on food. Avoid contact with eyes. Will not stain. Infinity is a proprietary inert blended formula. (Pat. Pending) 100% money back guarantee.

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Weight 65 oz

Cherry, Floral, Peppermint


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